The Foolish Chicken

The Foolish Chicken

The Foolish Chicken, 79 Holland Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Y1

Ottawa’s January Girly Book Club

The Foolish Chicken, 79 Holland Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Y1

Book Club Starts
January 28th at 7 PM

New Member Induction at 6:30 PM

We’re happy to have you! New members are always welcome at every meeting, but this month we will be holding a new member induction! If it’s your first time at book club, join us at 6:30 PM where our friendly, approachable host will welcome you into our meeting with a gracious hello and introduce you to fellow GBC members, so you’ll be making friends quickly!

Note: We will do a book exchange. Please bring a new or gently used book to trade, and you will go home with a new (to you) book!

New year, new book of the month! We’re starting off 2021 with a thrilling mystery: Disappearing Earth by debut author Julia Phillips! One August afternoon, on the shoreline of the north-eastern edge of Russia, two sisters are abducted. In the ensuing weeks, then months, the police investigation turns up nothing. Echoes of the disappearance reverberate across a tightly woven community, with the fear and loss felt most deeply among its women.

Set on the remote Siberian peninsula of Kamchatka, Disappearing Earth draws us into the world of an astonishing cast of characters, all connected by an unfathomable crime. We are transported to vistas of rugged beauty – densely wooded forests, open expanses of tundra, soaring volcanoes and the glassy seas that border Japan and Alaska – and into a region as complex as it is alluring, where social and ethnic tensions have long simmered, and where outsiders are often the first to be accused.

We cannot wait to solve this mystery together and then chat about it all over a glass of wine at book club this month! Join us!


We encourage you to buy local and support independent businesses! Otherwise, you can pick up the latest copy of the book below

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The Foolish Chicken, 79 Holland Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Y1

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